The History of Invicta 2011-2020


This is the story of those living for the Club from the early days right through until the present. Through the hardwork in establishing the Club, recruiting players, purchasing the first kit, winning the first match, winning the first silverware through to winning the London Unity League and becoming the first LGBT+ Football Club to be formally affiliated to a Professional Football Club and Community Trust.

This is the story of Invicta as recalled by Brian Silk, Founder and Chairman from January 2011 to July 2015 and Gary Ginnaw, Player-Manager from July 2015 to date.

A rare photo of an early Invicta training session in Danson Park.

Chapter One – Before the Beginning


Chapter Two – The Beginning and the Early Days


Chapter Three – 2011/12 Season


Chapter Four – LUL Debut – 2012/13 Season


Brian Silk (left), Founder and Chairman 2011-15, with Club Captain, Liam Cooper, Hall Place, November 2012

Chapter Five – A Hard Slog – 2013/14 Season


Chapter Six – League Consolidation – 2014/15 Season


Chapter Seven – The New Guard – 2015/16 Season


Chapter Eight – Sparrows Lane Awaits – 2016/17 Season


Chapter Nine – London Unity League Champions 2017/18


LUL Chair Brian Silk presents Gary with the 2017/18 LUL Shield.

Chapter Ten – Rebuilding Invicta – 2018/19 Season


Chapter Eleven – Goals, Growth and Curtailment – 2019/20 Season