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Jackie Ginnaw

Jackie is the Mother of Gary and Wife of Colin. Jackie has been supporting Invicta since 2015 – attending games home and away. Jackie joined the Club on the trip to Paris in 2017 for the Tournoi International de Paris.

In the early days Jackie was constantly washing the dirty kit after games and was relieved when the Club decided each player was to own their personalised kit.

Danny Harris

Danny is a loyal friend of skipper Daniel and also the team. Danny travels home and away with Invicta, urges them on from the touchline and helps out taking team photos.

By supporting Invicta, Danny has built up his knowledge of football. Danny is also in attendance at several Club social events and his support is invaluable to the team. Danny also helps out with the Clubs social media during matches.

Lucy Treece

Lucy is always down at Sparrows Lane cheering on the Reds for their home games and often travels to away games to support. Lucy often helps out taking photos of the team and regularly comes along to watch training (even braving the cold nights).

Lucy helps to keep the other supporters company on the touchline. Lucy provides good feedback  and a post match analysis which is really appreciated by the team.

In memory of Linda Ginnaw

Linda was the Aunt of Gary. Linda was  a lovely lady and liked by all that knew her. Linda couldn’t hide her dislike for football – but was always very proud of what the Club had achieved. Linda was always asking how the football was going and wishing the team the best of luck.

Linda sadly passed away in October 2018 following a 9 month battle in hospital. Linda will be sorely missed by everyone connected with Invicta but we know she will always be urging us on.